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Every organization is unique, bringing its own nuances and challenges.  At CGP, we have various digital platforms to best streamline and coordinate your daily needs.  We do not fit your organization into a one-size-fits-all digital platform, but identify the best platform for cost and time efficiencies, then tailor it to meet your unique processes and challenges.  We build and maintain your site in-house, so any revisions, edits, or additions are quickly completed without having to wait on an outside vendor. We also offer real-time inventory management solutions as well as order tracking capabilities, so you’re always in the know.


Whether you have fragmented digital platforms that have accumulated with the addition of vendors, or your employees simply have trouble keeping up with all of their various login credentials, we have a solution to streamline their processes, simplify their day-to-day routines, and free them up to focus on other organizational functions.


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