Giving Multi-Location Businesses Time & Money Back


Q: What makes CGP different from other consolidated services production companies?

A: Most consolidated services production companies are brokers of multiple services using multiple vendors for production and/or distribution and tacking on their fee which only increases your costs.  CGP, on the other hand, performs these services in-house within our own facility which saves partners significant money, time, space, and stress.  In fact, all of the photos and videos on the CGP website are of our facility.  We’d love to have you visit for a tour and see first-hand.

Q: Will CGP provide quality and brand control? 

A: Absolutely.  In fact, CGP increases and maintains quality and brand control through our in-house production, fulfillment, distribution, and storage capabilities.  With CGP, you will no longer wonder how many different vendors are truly handling your brand.

Q: how will CGP technologically streamline our processes?  

A: CGP is intent on making our partners’ lives easier, either building a customized platform solution or integrating into an existing platform solution. CGP’s partners enjoy the ability to view inventory and/or work progress in real time. There's no more guessing where or when an order has commenced or shipped.

Q: Does CGP ship to other countries? 

A: Yes.  CGP partners with many global and national brands that ship around the world.  Whether you’re doing business across the state, the nation, or the globe, CGP has you covered.


Q: What industries does CGP serve? 

A: CGP’s expertise is partnering with multi-location brands and driving efficiencies across multiple departments, like Marketing, Training, HR, and Operations.  We span multiple industries, from For-Profit companies (e.g., restaurants, telecommunications, insurance) to Non-Profit organizations (e.g., religious institutions, youth organizations).


Q: What is CGP’s value proposition?   

A: CGP creates economies of scale by leveraging its internal print, apparel and promotion, and fulfillment and distribution divisions for your success, both strategically and financially. By consolidating multiple services under one roof, from creation to distribution, we’re able to cut out the middleman, reduce your costs significantly and immediately, provide better quality and brand control, and make your life much easier and successful. CGP provides you great Quality, Service, and Price.  You can truly receive more for less.


Q: How long has CGP been doing business? 

A: CGP has been serving its partners for over 30 years.  Many of our partners have been with us for decades, attesting to our ability to deliver great Quality, Service, and Price.

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How It Works


What do you need to sell, promote, train, or operate your business?  How have your current processes met your business needs and where has it caused frustrations? CGP first wants to understand our clients.

When CGP better grasps your vendor needs, footprint, historical data and future goals, we can create an unbeatable solution.


Our desire isn't to be your next vendor. We want to be a long-standing business partner that drives efficiencies across multiple departments making your daily operations easier.

CGP solutions are customized per client. The more volume we're able to host results in more cost savings that we're able to offer.


CGP HAS Everything you need to sell, promote, train, and operate your business.